Why Kube Clusters

A great start to power up your business.

Fully Managed Kubernetes without deployment fee

Fully Managed Kubernetes

Our full-management service allows you to apply Kubernetes in the production environment quickly without worrying about the overhead of its management and maintenance, reducing your time-to-market.

Fast Bare-Metal servers but cost effective Kubernetes Hosting

Blazing Fast Bare-Metal Servers

Our Kubernetes clusters are deployed directly on our blazing-fast enterprise-grade bare-metal servers, without any overhead of intermediate virtualization layer, which reduces complexity, maximizes the cost efficiency, and helps you get the best ROI.

Open Source Solution not bound by any vendor

Complete Open-Source Solutions

Our managed Kubernetes are based on the latest upstream release, meaning that it's a complete open-source solution without any vendor lock-in possibility and that you are backed up by the huge open-source user community.

Manged Kubernetes with Secure and Reliable Network Infrastructure

Secure & Reliable Network Infrastructure

Security is a priority in our network design. We utilizes the most mature, powerful and bulletproof technologies to assure our clients the most secure infrastructure.

On-Premises with Full Control Kubernetes Clusters Hosting

On-Premises with Full Control

The Kubernetes deployments run on our on-premises bare-metal servers and network infrastructure, which are fully under our control. It empowers us to customize our hardware and network in order to accommodate the special needs of our clients.

Highly Skilled Kube Clusters Support Team- 24/7/365

Highly Skilled Support Team

Our support team will make full use of their service skills and keep advancing their service by working as your remote on-call team. They are eager to know whatever you need and will respond quickly to anything that has you stumped.

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